Adventure with Ashley

Adventure with Ashley

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1/17/16 – Who is ready for Snowpocalypse? Bring on the snow filled adventures!
1/16/16- This was one of the first waterfalls I arrived to during my waterfall chase. I was worried some of these trails might have been closed due to it being winter time. I lit up with excitement when I arrived as I was taken aback with the view of the 130 foot plunge down below of the captivating icy falls. Dingmans Falls is the second highest waterfall in the state of Pennsylvania
1/16/16-This was by far the most difficult waterfall to get to, but was definitely one of the more fun ones despite the challenge! I had to trek across the water 6 times and lucked out with dead trees in the water! So very thankful I didn’t fall in!
Your path is beautiful and crooked just as it should be =]
1/16/16- The fascinating view of the 130 foot Dingmans Falls from the front <3
1/16/16-Most obstacles melt away when we make up our mind to boldly climb through them 🙂


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