Charlotte Spartan Sprint

Charlotte Spartan Sprint

The Charlotte Spartan Sprint, by far one of the muddiest Spartans I’ve ever done! I had never raced in Charlotte before and I heard this was a runners course so I just had to do it!

This race took place just outside of Charlotte at Porter Farms in Concord, North Carolina. It was quite the drive down there and took around 6 hours from Northern Virginia!

My friends and I rented an Airbnb place for the weekend. This was my second Spartan Sprint race for the year.

I normally don’t like running Spartan Races in long sleeves, but it was very cold that morning at around 34 degrees so I put on a jacket to keep from freezing. I dreaded getting into the cold, muddy water, but it thankfully warmed up throughout the day.

I really wish Spartan took pictures of us at the barbed wire crawl, because it was one of the muddiest spartan crawls I’ve ever had to do! I almost regretted wearing a jacket because of all the mud that caked onto me which felt like it added an extra 10 lbs! The mud was so thick and slick that it felt like en eternity getting through the crawl.  I remember trying to scrape off some of the mud on the grass after I finished because of how thick it was. You can see how muddy my yellow jacket is below!

I did not push myself too hard during this race and was surprised that my average heart rate was only 134, usually I average higher!

This race was on a farm and very different compared to other Spartan Sprints I’ve run. The elevation gain was only about 500ft! Normally, I am use to running these on a mountain with much higher elevation gain! This race is definitely a good starter race for anyone who has never done a Spartan before.

I was proud to have finished 2nd in my division in the competitive wave! Not only did I race in the competitive division, but I actually ran this race again! My friend had never done a Spartan before, so I decided to run it with her! The mud was a heck of a lot better the second time around because more people had gone through it and caked it down, so it was not as bad as it was that morning! It was also good practice for me on the obstacles!

Spartan Races are so addicting, I can’t wait till the next one! AROO!

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