Carolina Spartan Beast

Carolina Spartan Beast

The Carolina Spartan Beast! Located in Winnsboro, South Carolina.

This was the furthest I have ever had to travel for a Spartan Race and this was my very first Beast!

For those of you who don’t know, the Spartan Beast consists of 12-14 miles with 30-35 obstacles! I needed to run this race in order to get my Trifecta (finishing a Sprint (3-5 miles), Super (8-10 miles) and Beast within the calendar year).

I carpooled with friends the day before and we had over a 7 hour drive and 480+ miles to our hotel in South Carolina.

I almost missed out on this race because it was sold out early, but I was very thankful that I was able to buy a groupon entry off of someone so I could get my trifecta!

This race was located at the Carolina Adventure world which is known for their off roading trails. It was October 29th and because it was so close to Halloween some people dressed up for this race which was pretty cool to see everyone’s costumes. 

This race was no where near as tough as the Wintergreen Super I did, nor was it very muddy. This course was not on a mountain, but still had many trails which I enjoyed.

A nice accomplishment for me during the race was conquering the monkey bars! Usually my hands are so muddy that I can never do these, but I was able to get it this time!

The dunk wall shots always tend to come out pretty cool!

The cold muddy water was nice and refreshing!

My fire jump shots weren’t the best here. I wish they would have zoomed out more.

I thankfully did not cramp during the race.  Almost 14 miles later I finished in a little over 4 hours! It was pretty cool looking at the map seeing how they had us zig zagging around everywhere.

I really killed some calories this day and was proud that I was able to push myself to endure such extreme cardio!

Spartan Beast Finishers!!

I was so happy that I accomplished my first Trifecta and absolutely love how each piece connected together to form its own trifecta medal!

Results wise I did pretty well! I can’t wait to get another trifecta next year! I may have to go for a double trifecta next time! 🙂

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