IMG_20160804_190248 (1)Goðafoss in Icelandic means the waterfall of the Gods and flows from the Skjálfandafljót river located in North Central Iceland. This waterfall has a height of 12 meters and width of 30 meters. Goðafoss is easily located just off the main ring road which gives you no excuse not to see this beautiful Icelandic waterfall! This waterfall can be seen from both sides of the bank and has a horseshoe like crescent.


I visited this waterfall around mid May and it was still considerably cold up in this region as you can see from the snow.

IMG_20160519_085848This picture shows the upper portion of the falls with the snow kissed mountains in the distance.

IMG_20160522_091651Pictured above is the Ring Road bridge over the Skjálfandafljót river.


Goðafoss is located about 50km east from Akureyi (known for being the Capital of North Iceland) and is just a 42 minute drive. If you are coming from the East, Goðafoss is located 49.1 km west of Reykjahlíð which is about a 38 minute drive. The turn off coming from both directions from the Ring Road is less than 1k and is well worth the stop if you are driving through North Iceland!


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