Adams Creek Falls

Adams Creek Falls


This was by far one the most difficult waterfalls to get to, but was definitely one of the more fun ones despite the challenge! This hike was a little longer compared to the other waterfalls I saw in the area and was about 2.3 miles out and back. What made it even more difficult was having to trek across the water 6 different times! I was very unprepared for this but my inner monkey just had to go on and I lucked out with climbing over dead trees in the water! With it being winter time I was very thankful I didn’t fall in and I highly advise that you proceed with caution if you come during the winter time!


The icicles were reminded me of a magical frozen fairy tale. Perhaps a scene out of Frozen!?

IMG_20160120_185922During my research I was a little disappointed that I had not fully gotten to the waterfall. There were several more stream crossings and this would not have been possible for me at the time. Adams Falls is a good 30 foot plunge into a swimming hole below, but according to research swimming is not allowed. I was sad I was not able to see this waterfall, but I was still mesmerized with the frozen beauty I witnessed along the way. I also read that it gets crowded during the summer time so be warned.


Adams Creek Falls is located in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area right off of Route 209. From East Stroudsburg, this waterfall is located 25.5 miles away and is about a 36 minute drive. The parking lot on site is very small and limited and is just located right off of the main road.



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