Falling Spring Falls

Falling Spring Falls

G1594674-ANIMATIONOne of the most magical waterfalls in all of Virginia! Falling Spring Falls is an astonishing 80 foot (24.4m) waterfall  and one of the most photographed and visited spots in the Allegheny Highlands. The convenience and picturesque views make it one of my favorite waterfalls in the state of Virginia. It was February when I first visited and boy did I get soaked! The water was surprisingly warm and I couldn’t help, but to walk underneath the towering 80 foot waterfall, it was quite the experience!

20160227_181643-ANIMATIONThese photos give you a good perspective on how massive this waterfall really is. If you can’t tell, I had so much fun taking pictures here!


Sometimes you may get lucky and even see a rainbow! This is probably the closest I have ever been to one!

IMG_20160321_2987The 80 foot view down below Falling Spring Falls in the winter time!

IMG_20160314_210242I had the pleasure of revisiting this waterfall the day after I returned from Iceland. I was on such an adventure rush I decided to trek back out to Falling Springs during the Spring time and the change was completely different! I couldn’t believe how vibrantly green this area was!

IMG_20160609_170548There was even a hidden Oasis just behind the waterfall. I couldn’t believe my eyes with how blue the water was and there was even a rope swing! Never have I ever seen anything like this in Virginia before and it felt quite tropical! Who would have thought!?



Falling Spring Falls is located right off of the highway just 5 miles north of Covington, Virginia. This waterfall can be seen from the main road of Route 220 and is hard to miss. There is a parking lot located right off of the main road where you can park your car and easily walk over to view the falls.



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