Eternal Flame Falls

Eternal Flame Falls


Eternal Flame Falls is located in Western New York and is just a 50 minute drive from Niagara falls. Eternal Flame Falls features a height of 30 feet, but more impressing is the flame behind the waterfall! I visited this waterfall while driving back home from a weekend trip at Niagara Falls. I couldn’t believe that this waterfall actually had a fire just behind the waterfall and I just had to see it for myself to believe it!


This waterfall has a small grotto that emits a natural gas that is used to produce the flame. According to research this flame can be seen nearly all year round. The flame can sometimes go out and sometimes needs to be re-lit.


It was about a 0.52 hike to the falls. It was a little crowded that day so I had a wait a little while to get a good picture of the waterfall, but it was well worth it! This was a perfect stop for an easy hike to see my first waterfall in New York!


Eternal Flame Falls is located about 67 km south of Niagara Falls and is around a 50 minute drive. I did get a little lost when trying to find this waterfall and had to ask a few people for directions. This waterfall is located in a section of Chestnut Ridge Park. The actual park is located a little further north from the start of the trail head. A big help to me was looking for the white picket fence off of Chestnut Ridge Road. I have included a map to directions to the Trail-head parking below.



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