Petersburg Half Marathon

Petersburg Half Marathon


This race was located in the town of Petersburg just south of Richmond. Petersburg is known for the Seige of Petersburg during the American Civil War. I found out about this race at the expo during the Richmond Marathon. I saw how massive the medals were and was sold! Plus, they even planned to have a dramatic re-enactment of the Civil War on the battlefields! I figured I could not miss it!

I had a little trouble with regards to getting my packet. The first packet pick up location was fairly close to my parents house so they stopped in at the local running store to get it for me. When they called to tell me I was not signed up I started freaking out. I viciously started going through my emails hoping to find the confirmation email. When I could not find it I went straight to my bank account and thankfully saw the statement. I called the store in panic trying to find out what had happened. When I said I signed up at the Richmond expo, I could hear the lady in the background sounding very confused which further aggravated my panic. When I mentioned what was posted on my bank account, thankfully the lady recognized the name. Apparently someone did go to the Richmond expo and had a couple people sign up, but forgot to turn in the paperwork -_- …. What a pain I tell you! I had to drive an extra hour the next day all the way down to Colonial Heights just to get my packet. Thankfully the lady was very nice and apologetic about what happened, but boy it had me worrying! I’m glad I was still able to get a shirt in my size!

Finding parking was very easy that morning. There was a massive spot out on the grass with people directing traffic. We were parked just right next to the start which made it very convenient. It was very cold out that morning. I stayed in my long sleeves to keep warm and everyone stayed crammed pack inside. They had a DJ out blasting music around 6:30am Definitely helped get me pumped!


The race started at 7 am and the sun graciously shined upon us at the starting line.


All smiles at the start! I wore a blue shirt to go along with the red white and blue theme.


Now I never really look at these maps before a race. I usually only see them when I write these posts, ha. This course was a lot hillier than I expected it to be. It was nice running through the battlefields and seeing the soldiers out on the fields shooting their guns. I thought it would be distracting, but it was definitely very entertaining to say the least! Some people stopped to take pictures, but I had to keep moving. I was hoping my body would warm up during this run, but for some reason my hands and arms were frozen numb. I have never had this problem before and it did not help that we were running in the shade. I kept shaking my hands and arms and smacking them against me hoping to get the blood flowing in them (I’m sure I looked funny doing so). I even struggled trying to get my playlist to play and my music did not want to cooperate with me, but that’s not all! I was throwing up peanut butter in my mouth throughout that race! urgh!! I know what I’m NOT  having for breakfast next time!  I really had to talk myself through parts of that run so I did not lose it. I lowered my expectation levels and pushed myself through to the finish. I had just ran the Monument 10k just the weekend prior, so I tried to tell myself it was going to be okay.



I increased my speed towards the end. My watch was a little off from the mile marker signs. I passed a good amount of people sprinting down the hill. I was going head to head with one girl and we both sprinted towards the finish. She thanked me for the push and I barley beat her by a millisecond!

When they announced the awards, I was in shock when they called my name for 3rd place! I had my head down low as I walked towards the front feeling embarrassed with all the attention. They told me not to be shy as I graciously received my award. The trophy was absolutely beautiful!




Another PR for the books! I still continue to amaze myself despite the problems I have during these races!


After the race, I went exploring on the Battlefields and even took a few cool pictures with my medal and shiny new trophy!


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