Christmas Town Dash 8k

Christmas Town Dash 8k


My last race of the year (and also my first 8k). I was worried I was not going to be able to do this race since my full marathon put me in crutches for a good 2 weeks.  I was also in physical therapy at the time and was doing my best to recover from the amount of running I succumb myself to. I was surprised after getting my MRI results that my doctor told me I would still be able run this race. “Are you sure?”, I said, not understanding why this doctor was telling me it is okay to run even though it was just less than a month after my full marathon. I must say that steroid shots are quite magical and healed my foot up in no time. I told myself this race was just for fun anyways and that I needed to take it easy, but my Type A personality just never wants to back down (curse perfectionism!)


My typical pre-race breakfast. The candy canes made it all more fitting.


There were a decent amount of people running this race all dressed in their Christmas colors; Santa Clauses, Elves, tacky sweaters and more. This race was quite different from my other ones because we got to run through the theme park. It even smelled like Christmas throughout the race.


 I didn’t start too close to the front and made my way towards the left side.


The medals were all laid out on the table just waiting to be given out.

20151206_151853The shirts were pretty nice and this was probably my cutest medal I received all year.


Results wise, I’d say I did pretty well for just getting off crutches. Plus this race gave us a ticket to Busch Gardens in the spring which was a pretty good deal. I’m already signed up for next year’s race!

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