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Another fun obstacle run. I almost did not do this race because I had a half marathon the very next day. My friend was supporting a high schooler who had lost a lot of weight and invited me to tag along (I just couldn’t say no!) I figured since it was just a 5k my friends would take it easy and I would be just fine.


Here is us pre-race before all the mud and goo. It was very cold that morning and it was a cloudy day so I was sad I wasn’t able to feel the sun’s rays. We had a 12:30 start time and we all got there pretty early. I led us all in a warm up in a nearby field then we did some stretches.

This race had 25 obstacles and I cannot recall every single one of them. I know we started out running through a huge trench of mud and my friend ended up losing his shoe in it (I guess that’s why they call it the shoecatcher), but thankfully he found it!


For one of the obstacles we had to balance across this skinny beam with these ginormous red balloons swinging back and forth. I’m glad the photographer took a good shot of this so I could show you guys!

                                                              12031531_10153061759621331_4267501870568668313_o                   10873013_10153061221791331_3834570675170336506_o

One of my favorite obstacles is the fire jump! The Spartan races I’ve done have fire jumps as well and my pictures always came out pretty dag on awesome if you ask me.

                                                                 race_1547_photo_26865123                       race_1547_photo_26830238

Other obstacles included hopping across boards in the water, climbing through mud, under barbed wire, through tunnels, and pipes. We climbed over walls, beams, barricades, and mud hills. I had a lot of fun jumping over the mud trenches. While people were timidly debating on jumping the trenches, my friend and I just blasted through happily jumping over the trenches making Mario sounds! (insert Mario sound here). It made me feel like a kid again!


I was able to do every single obstacle except one, the ringer. I have absolute terrible gripping when it comes to obstacles like these. I even struggled with them during my Spartan races. I ended up doing a couple, but it is just so hard to swing and grasp on to the other one that I ended up plopping in the the dirty mud water below. It was surprisingly quite warm though so I didn’t complain. Just a bit bummed it was the one obstacle I missed. May need to practice these and join the Elite group next year!

                                                                     race_1547_photo_26812601                 1504154_10153061744371331_4388889621398583420_o

The final obstacle was a 50 foot water slide and it was a good finish to end the race. The photographer did an excellent job capturing the moment.

                                                                      12087216_10153061371796331_40919511797757798_o                 12027301_10153061738781331_3847992500147469927_o

We did not pay the extra $10 to get timed so I have no idea how long it took us to finish. It was nice to be able to do a race with friends and not have to worry about being competitive! After all I was running the half marathon the very next morning.

The mud slide pretty much cleaned off most of the mud we had on us so we don’t look very muddy in our post race pictures. It was an excellent race that I definitely plan to do again. Gotta work on tackling that one last obstacle!

                                                        12087315_987566411263807_757185609521807275_o                          11229973_987566354597146_796433800236323253_o


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