Humana Richmond Fun Run 5k


Ahh another 5k. Now I know I just ran one 3 days before (for those who are keeping track), but I just had to do this one because it was a free race and it was very close by!

I received an email about this free race because I am already signed up for the Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. The race was hosted by a local running store called Lucky Foot out in Willow Lawn. This run was completely just for fun and was not timed at all. I usually run more than 3 miles anyways, so I was not worried about over doing anything. Just before the race we all went outside the store for a photo (it may be hard to find me, but I am the second female from the right in the orange).


We had a good amount of people show up for the event. It was not an official race so none of the roads were blocked off and we had to be careful. I needed new scenery anyways. I love running on new terrain and this was a great opportunity to do so.  Doing the same runs after a while starts to get easy and is not much of a challenge anymore.

My GPS mapped the run to be 3.59 miles. I pretty much stayed with the front pack of the group. They were not running ridiculously fast so I was able to keep up.

2015-07-28 19.32.39-1               2015-07-28 19.32.39                 2015-08-01 23.51.47

I was the second female to finish back at the store. After the run, we all hung out at the store. There were a few booths set up inside and I was able to see the pretty sweet medals for the Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll (cannot wait to get those). American Tap Room was just next door and catered burger sliders and french fries. They also had kegs of beer, which I did not really care for. Brooks had a table set up and I grabbed a free head band, sticker, and koozie. They even gave me a free glass for trying on the new pair of Ghost 8’s.

Overall it was a great event and it was free! So I cannot complain. My next race was just 2 days away so this was a good easy run. Bring it on Spartan!!

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  • Mike Wagstaff
    2 years ago

    Hey!!! You didn’t tell me about this one. You slipping!! You know I am you #1 fan!

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